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The full ASTRONRILL eBook, containing the EIIR Petition [the Petition that launched the Hurricane Katrina] is meant for private circulation only, restricted to the elite confines of the Permanent Membership of ACTUEALTH.COM. Given the rigorous functioning of the Science-Spirituality-Jurisprudence synchronisation, validation is necessary to peruse the contents of the EIIR Petition; and a mechanism to register your feedback, as is provided through the Polling mechanism at the ACTUEALTH.COM Membership site.

Therefore, we strongly recommend, in no uncertain terms, that unless you are a Permanent Member of, with the Spiritual support and safety-net of the feedback and polling mechanism at, you refrain from reading the EIIR Petition, and the ASTRONRILL eBook.

Obviously, your best interests will be served only if you become a Permanent Member of ACTUEALTH.COM, and we strongly urge you to proceed straightaway on this noble mission at ACTUEALTH.COM.


[1] The Astronrill E-Book is not available outside of the elite Permanent Membership circle of ACTUEALTH.COM.

[2] If you are merely perusing this copy on somebody else's computer, then here is your chance to obtain the copy for your own personal valid standing in the Science-Spirituality-Jurisprudence synchronisation, because, merely reading is of no use, you need to obtain valid standing. You can click to buy here; or, if you wish to do so later from your own computer, please note down the website address:

The ASTRONRILL E-Book that contains the EIIR Petition is available for sale only at ACTUEALTH.COM as part of its Permanent Membership structure.


In the context of ASTRONRILL, Piracy is a moot issue, given the fact that possession or reading of a pirated copy of Astronrill makes not the slightest gain in the Spiritual Realm to the unwitting pirate.

As you'll understand after reading through this work, it is neither the possession of a copy of the book that is material, nor even the reading of the book that is material. The critical factor for Spiritual cognition is the existence of Your Name [and Email id] in the Permanent Roster of bona fide applicants at ACTUEALTH.COM maintained by DR MILIND NARENDRA OVALEKAR.

Thus, the fulfilment of the validation of Your existence upon the Science-Spirituality-Jurisprudence synchronisation is exclusively a Spiritual Realm function; that is triggered ONLY when Your Name and Email-id are entered, after the expiration of the Returns period of sixty days, in the Permanent Roster of bona fide applicants at ACTUEALTH.COM maintained by DR MILIND NARENDRA OVALEKAR.

Hence, not only is piracy of this ASTRONRILL eBook a futile and infructuous undertaking; it has the added complication for the pirate that this dastardly, dishonourable act of piracy results in reflex spiritual punishments for the pirate and that pirate s near and dear ones. Anybody wishing to indulge in piracy should understand this infinite peril that they face, because they are not dealing with any modern or modern post-modern state apparatus; but something more, a validly functioning Spiritual Realm access through the Science-Spirituality-Jurisprudence synchronisation, which will result in eternal consequences for them and for their loved ones.

Hence, we sincerely request all pirates, as a last resort, please use at least the ultimate anti-piracy option, the freely available ACTUEALTH.COM MEMBERSHIP, and save their souls; as well as their material prospects, and those of their loved ones.

It is also for this reason that there is no particular pdf security in place. There are pdf stamping tools available that can imprint your name and email id in a watermark fashion, in small to fine print in a top or bottom corner margin, that is very unobtrusive, and can feasibly be used. Nevertheless, there is the danger that inadvertently or through some process unknown to you, [and in today's vastly networked and complex computer world, such an event might well nigh happen to you even were you tech savvy, leave alone a novice user], your computer [or access thereto] might land in the hands of unknown people who would then simply upload your copy into some file-sharing site. Then, even without any intention on your part, and with your fullest opposition to piracy, your copy [and personal data] ends up splashed all over the net, not to speak of the hidden guilt of culpability in piracy given that it is your stamped detailed copy that is floating around everywhere. Therefore, out of abundance of caution in the cause of protection of your interests, we eschew this particular method that is currently in vogue.

Given that ASTRONRILL is Intellectual Property even in the usual sense, it is important to stress the following:


Distributing and/ or reproducing any or all of the ASTRONRILL content for personal or business use is piracy. Piracy is a heinous sin, and is illegal and punishable by law in all countries of the world; quite apart from the injury it does to you on the Science-Spirituality-Jurisprudence synchronisation. If you are in possession of a pirated copy, or you have reason to believe that the copy in your possession is a pirated copy, then here is the chance for you to make amends, and in the bargain obtain your own personal full and valid standing on the Science-Spirituality-Jurisprudence synchronisation.


What are the situations of piracy in any ASTRONRILL product?

[1] A pirate could use stolen credit card information to register. Nevertheless, the registration can only take place for the person in whose name the credit card stands; i.e., there is no possibility for transfer.

[2] A legitimate user transfers the ASTRONRILL Permanent Members E-Book copies to some file-sharing sites. This constitutes piracy. [What would NOT be piracy? When the user recommends friends to visit THE ACTEUALTH WEBSITE instead.]


Since the EIIR Petition contains sensitive matter with material implications, it is NOT okay even for very brief extracts thereof to be used anywhere outside of the ACTUEALTH.COM Permanent Members site. All discussion of this material in the public domain is prohibited!

Remember, this is matter for Private Circulation only, because its active functioning on the Science-Spirituality-Jurisprudence synchronisation demands feedback access at ACTUEALTH.COM for all who peruse its contents. Therefore, if you are unwilling to commit to ACTUEALTH.COM, then it is best that you keep away from this copy meant for Permanent Members only.

An user licensed to purchasing one copy duplicating it for transfer to unlicensed users who are not Members of ACTUEALTH.COM. [Now, why would you want to do that. As it is, we are not particularly insistent upon single computer locks. You can keep a copy of Astronrill on whatever medium you access, albeit for your own personal use, be it your desktop, laptop, tablet, or smartphone, and archived in your back-up storage media, with the exception that you do not do so on file-sharing sites, or upload it in a place where it would be accessible to other people. As long as you the end-user are the only person accessing those Astronrill copies in multiple gadgets, we are entirely okay with it. If you want others to read Astronrill, direct them to ACTUEALTH.COM.

May we suggest that you amplify the spiritual gains from your enthusiasm by directing your near and dear ones to ACTUEALTH.COM so that they can make their own intelligent decision to seek online registration and kindle the Science-Spirituality-Jurisprudence synchronisation benefit in their lives as well, just as it shines so bright and zealous in your own, thanks to your name being in the Permanent Roster of bona fide applicants at ACTUEALTH.COM maintained by Dr Milind Narendra Ovalekar.

Illegal Internet distribution, whether by uploading your private Permanent Member's copy onto file-sharing sites, whether open file-sharing sites, or closed communities/ intranets wherein the copy can still be perused by others; or distribution on computer media such as CDs, DVDs, pen drives, and the like. Why do so when the same material is legitimately available HERE AT ACTUEALTH.COM!

Nevertheless, the critical part herein is that the user must have downloaded it from the ASTRONRILL online registration process [at], i.e., in a process that empowers him or her as a legitimate user. Why then would such a conscientious person imperil the spiritual well- being of others by placing even the EIIR ebook on a file-sharing site for others to peruse, well knowing that the others doing so imperil their spiritual well-being, and in no way advance in any manner by accessing that stuff in an unauthorised manner.

For all these reasons in the Spiritual Realm, [and remember, ASTRONRILL is all about the Science-Spirituality-Jurisprudence synchronisation], it is best that any person wishing to comprehensively gain from the benefits of ASTRONRILL do so in the legitimate manner that is through online registration at ACTUEALTH.COM; and further, that they may satisfy the legitimate chain of causation of conscience in the Spiritual Realm by not imperilling the spiritual well-being of others by unauthorisedly placing bootleg copies of ASTRONRILL on file-sharing sites.

After all, what is the purpose of reading ASTRONRILL? To seek a better comprehension of the awesome implications of the person s online registration at ACTUEALTH.COM. Why then bother if one isn t registered? On the other hand, if you have gone through all that bother, then why waste this golden opportunity? Come, become a legitimate online registrant at ACTUEALTH.COM, obtain your own valid standing on the Science-Spirituality-Jurisprudence synchronisation: