The Actuealth Inter Stellar Priority Queue [AISPQ] is the new version of the Outer Space Priority Queue previously at Astronrill. That same vision, only more realistic now; ONLY at ACTUEALTH.COM!





Welcome to ASTRONRILL, the treasure trove of our definitive futures in Inter-Stellar Space!

The modality for enabling prospective explorers into Outer Space through Astronrill involves the Outer Space Priority Queue.

You Can Establish Your Precedence In The Outer Space Priority Queue Solely & Exclusively At

If You are a Permanent Registrant at ASTRONRILL, then please note that the 'Your Priority Numeral' tab in Your Account area denotes Your position in the Priority Queue for Outer Space.


that Promise of regular Inter-Stellar activity in Outer Space circa 2080 AD isn t an event horizon that ll suddenly and instantaneously open fully-formed circa 2080 AD. It involves the standard human learning curve which reaches fruition then, so that its starting point is sometime in the near future, or even very, very soon!

This reality is exclusively available through

Your Placement in the Outer Space Talents Pool

Astronrill will place you in the talents pool for Outer Space exploration activity [establish Your Precedence in the Priority Queue] for the OUTER SPACE endeavours of ASTRONRILL, which is the springboard for eventual Outer Space exploration activity.


on any given Outer Space Venture:

[For any given Outer Space mission, the composition of the Astronauts would be as follows:]

[1] The first half of the Outer Space Missions Pool [OSMp1], claiming at least 50 percent of its total capacity, would be filled by:

The Permanent Members of Astronrill in order of their priority.

[2] Second Half of the Outer Space Missions Pool [OSMp2], totalling a maximum of 50 percent of the total capacity, and comprising:

A portion selected on the basis of overwhelming technological necessity.

Technological expertise in a Permanent Member could be the basis for advancing them into "overwhelming technological necessity" category in OSMp2 of an earlier mission than their priority, without prejudice to those in OSMp1 prioritised ahead of them in OSMp1.

A portion auctioned off on the basis of technological expertise; wherein, the highest bidder(s) in that technology category will vie for the place(s). There is a reserve price in this auction; and if there are place(s) remaining on failure to meet this reserve price, these place(s) will be added to the Astronrill pool for Permanent Members.

A portion auctioned off to the highest bidder, without any restrictions on qualifications. Again, there is a reserve price in this auction; and if there are place(s) remaining on failure to meet this reserve price, these place(s) will be filled up by advancing the Permanent Members in OSMp1.

A discretionary portion.


Therefore, your position in the Astronrill Permanent Member's Priority Queue is the prime determinant of your chances, unless your specific technical expertise qualifies you for a higher start in the second pool category.


Thus, in a mission of 1000 people, 500 would be from the Astronrill Priority Queue. If your position is say 501, and if all second pool slots are filled by non-Astronrill people meeting their reserve bids at the minimum, then you will surely fit in the 2nd mission, when each mission is 1000 people. Unless, that is, you fit into the 2nd pool of the 1st mission itself due to tech expertise! However, if the bidders fail to meet the minimum reserve price, then these positions will be deemed vacant and filled in by the Astronrill Permanent Members; in which case, even 501 will be able to fit into the first mission!


Since it is possible for outer space missions to be longer in duration, not over long years [except in the final stage of interstellar exploration], but possibly over a month or two, it would be preferable for families to register together; else, its possible that you might forfeit your position to fall back to a later mission where you could (work/ explore?) together with your family member(s).


Your act of involvement as a permanent member at automatically establishes Your precedence in the Outer Space Priority Queue. Now, Your Membership at ACTUEALTH.COM helps You progress further on the AISPQ!

Be a stake-holder in the greatest human venture ever; secure your access to ASTRONRILL now: THAT IS POSSIBLE ONLY THROUGH YOUR MEMBERSHIP OF ACTUEALTH.COM!