Welcome To The Home Page Of The Consciousness Initiative At Astronrill, A Project Handled By Dr Milind Ovalekar



This particular section of the Astronrill website has the express intention of presenting the Consciousness Report filed by Dr Milind Ovalekar, on the basis of his Research work in the field of Neuroscience & Consciousness,



Our Goal is the attainment of a comprehensive theory of Consciousness, something that elegantly fits into place, like all the pieces in a puzzle. Moreover, such a theory has to be of the kind that enables clinical applications and spin-offs, whether in minimally conscious Patients, or in other matters.



Though such a comprehesive theory of Consciousness eludes us as of now, the state of the art has progressed to such a remarkable extent, and on such vastly exponential proportions as compared to material available in even the previous decade, that one wonders if we have not already overshot the runway in attempting the theoretical construct's touchdown.

Not that the previous decade was bereft of substance. Let alone that decade, even in the preceding decades, much solid theorisation has taken place that may not have meant much back then other than an out-of-the-box hypothesis, but that provides substantial bulwarks when one attempts an analysis of the latest data.

Yet, such is the nature of advances in the art of this abstruse topic of Consciousness, that each step ahead adds a further convolution to an already vexatious puzzle.



The Consciousness Project work handled by Dr Milind Ovalekar is well on track to reach the azimuth of its intent, viz. the elucidation of specific aspects of the phenomenon of consciousness. The immediate concern of this Consciousness Project is to provide the scientific community with the scientific, perhaps, mechanistic, workings of consciousness; even as, on a parallel track, we study the universal attributes of consciousness.

People are wont to talk about the "enormous wealth of spiritual treasures" in India. Yet, of what use is this inheritance, if we cannot apply it to the problems of the contemporary moment. The answer to this question obtains from an effort to understand the principle inherent in that treasure using the frame of reference of the post-modern era. Given the circumstances of this inheritance, viz. the abstruse philosophy of our illustrious Master, Sri Adi Sankaracharya, combined with the recent trend toward investigating religious phenomena from a scientific point of view, we are confident of possessing a distinctly superior environment for this pursuit than is possible anyplace else in the world at the moment.



Therefore, we not attempt to examine the various pieces of the puzzle that is Consciousness in their entirety, with the vision of a larger picture. Whilst this is primarily an incessant series of brain-storming sessions punctuated by long intervals of silence for digesting the processed information; our main aim is to undertake neuroscientific research work that is ofa superlative quality when judged by global benchmarks.

We believe that the state of the art contains all the essential data; with the addition of much, if not most, if not all of the essential hypothesising. All that remains then is for one level-headed, unattached mind to discover the solution.

Given this highly individualised nature of activity, this Project work handled by Dr Milind Ovalekar is eminently portable and can be undertaken anyplace in the world.



All of this is ancillary information, as all of it relates to the circumstances surrounding the project, and none of it emanates from the data crunching within the Consciousness project work. We will post the actual information ONLY after its validation through the process of peer review.

Furthermore, you can obtain a tantalising glimpse of the progress on the project work-front by accessing some material made available in Astronrill.





Essentially, Consciousness in the reductionist sense is an emergent property of the equilibrium generated amid the interplay of the natural biological processes of cognition and kinetics. It is a “user illusion” generated by the neural apparatus to impart a seamless coherence on our perception. In fact, the only reason we are "aware" that Consciousness exists is because we subjectively know what it is to be “Conscious.”


The above extract is taken from the E-Book: ASTRONRILL, and underscores the importance of scientific theming for its content.

There is of course some more observation on Consciousness, to the extent that is necessary to develop the core theme therein for which this discussion on Consciousness is a necessary pre-condition.

There are other scientific themes developed in this book, including the presentation of the Science-Spirituality-Jurisprudence synchronisation.

You will be able to read more in ASTRONRILL!