[1] Everything presented herein, whether on the ASTRONRILL.COM website, or in the ASTRONRILL E-Book, is a matter of fact and represents the fullest scientific truth. Where necessary or appropriate, certain individuals and/ or institutions are named and shamed, or named and extolled as per the relevant reference. Well-merited praise doesn’t hurt anyone, but in the instances where it becomes apparent that the reference is to offenders that are found in an unsavoury situation, these aggrieved parties need to realise their mistakes (instead of carping at the light that exposes their canard and chicanery), to stop their lives of conflict against science and reality, and repent and make due amends, and thus renew their quest on the path of salvation through application to the path of the fullest scientific truth.

[2] At the moment, the ASTRONRILL Membership Site at astronrill.com does not provide any LIVE MODE polling policy for two reasons: firstly, because there is no pressing necessity as per the unfolding of events, and secondly because the current version is a primer, and not the full disclosure. We assure you that there is matter in our possession that completes the full picture that will be released in the due course of time. As soon as that happens, the full expanse of the issue stands completely revealed. Then, there will most certainly, and necessarily, be a LIVE MODE polling/ feedback site; where the names on the PERMANENT ROSTER/ registered users will be able to modulate opinion, provide inputs, oft times even to formulate opinion, and/ or act as first movers, etc., with any additional like enhancements as are feasible/ practical with such a site bearing in mind the logistical factors, and without intruding into the privacy of the registered users. If the first reason mentioned above, viz. the unfolding of specific events occurs, then there will be a pressing necessity to open the LIVE MODE urgently; and we have mechanisms to do so at extremely short notice; though in that instance, only the vital features will be activated.

In effect, with due caution for privacy issues, this polling/ debating/ forum mechanism is some sort of de facto bulletin board for policy formulation, modulation and the like issues; in the sense that most parliaments around the world are de jure bulletin boards.

ASTRONRILL does dream big, it has a grand vision! After all, when you become a registered member of astronrill.com, you not only access the Science-Spirituality-Jurisprudence synchronisation, the entire Universe opens up to you, replete with fresh challenges and new horizons, all eagerly awaiting in anticipation for when you'll take that first decisive step forward. So, if you have not done so already, come, join ASTRONRILL now!

[3] The affected persons and/ or group(s) of persons, individual or corporate, naturally come within the ambit of affected/ impacted individuals that must be helped. Nevertheless, the situation of provision of such help arises only within a secure translation of the Science-Spirituality-Jurisprudence synchronisation, into the Quebec proviso. In such a secure circumstance from our end, it is possible, indeed, eminently feasible to accord a Most Favoured Contractor label, all other things being equal, to the affected corporates and/ or industrious undertakings/ individuals, whether for Planet Earth portal projects or for exploratory and terra firma undertakings in Outer Space; in order to make good for the losses they suffered earlier in Seattle.

These losses that they suffer are akin to an individual suffering losses because of the tertiary syphilis or multi-drug resistant super-gonorrhea or LGV or HIV/ AIDS he contracts from inappropriate intimacy with a prostitute; because these losses accrue to them in like manner through their inappropriate intimacy with the filth and squalor and depravity that is the relativist prostitute in the spiritual realm; though it afforded them great physical/ material economic orgasmic pleasure. Just as the keepers of public health are hamstrung and cannot debar the importunate gent driven by base lust from accessing the services of the prostitute; likewise, we being without standing in the current state of global affairs are not in a position to debar these individuals/ corporations from basking in/ seeking their explicit economic gains through Relativism which is exactly the same prostitution translated into the Spiritual Realm. And, just as these keepers of public health must then attend to the needs of treatment of the folly of these wanton ones; so too, we need to do the best we can given our limitations of circumstance to treat the folly of these mindless addicts of wanton Relativism.

Unfortunately, there are certain occasions wherein the above description doesn’t quite fit well with the overwhelming innocence of the victims. For instance, there is the sheer misery, even in the reading thereof, of innocent new-born infants born to floridly gonorrhoeal mothers who consequent upon the innocent exposure to this devilish scourge during their transit through the birth canal and into viable life become neo-natally blind, blinded for life, for no fault of their own. What can one say to this travesty? One can at best berate the gonorrhoeal mother of the poor innocent.

Proviso [3] above relates to the prospective misery of the fallen ones of Seattle, caught in the spiritually gonorrheal jet blast of relativism. There was another such incident before, viz, in 2005, [in the sense that there was a general call in the Science-Spirituality-Jurisprudence synchronisation for retribution unto relativism], whose target was of course totally unknown to us at ASTRONRILL except after its actual occurrence. Therefore, our response thereto in the Science-Spirituality-Jurisprudence synchronisation is qualitatively different from the one we contemplate herein for Seattle, which has been named and shamed.

Nevertheless, after due attention to the welfare of the fallen ones of Seattle, [after it actually falls, that is!], it is entirely up to the polling body of ASTRONRILL made up of all the online registrants at astronrill.com whose name is on the Permanent Roster, [as and when it enters LIVE MODE, and as and when thereafter it deigns it fit to take up this issue], to decide whether to do so, and if so, then to what extent, since there is absolutely no responsibility on our part in that we had not expressly named and shamed anyone, only the mass of the illegitimate outfit within which then the particular places underwent incidental devastation, as a sign from the Almighty Lord.

[4] As due diligence on behalf of the stake-holders in the USA, the PERMANENT ROSTER membership is being aggressively promoted only to residents of North America, the European Union, Australia, New Zealand, and a select few other areas universally accepted as American spheres of domination and influence. This restriction is only a temporary one, and in the pre-Seattle phase only; because in the post-Seattle world, we will be duty-bound to prominently iterate the fact that the PERMANENT ROSTER membership is open to all places in the world with secure eCommerce possibilities, and to anyone and everyone who is able to fulfil the pre-requisites operational at that time.