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3 critical, knowledge-based factors that govern Humanity’s conquest of Inter-Stellar Space empower Your Outer Space dream through their exclusive linkage with Astronrill:

[1] The Mathematical reality: The inevitability of Humanity's Interstellar tryst, as a direct continuum of our present civilisational march, becomes evident when analysed through complex systems theory.

[2] The Astrobiological imperatives: The empirical constraints show why this is the only way possible.

[3] The Futurological Engine: You will harness its power here, when You accept this challenge to fulfil your Outer Space destiny. Its very presence is the reason for Astronrill becoming the guardian of Humanity’s destiny in Outer Space.

Whatever be your background, when you get involved at ASTRONRILL, You come into possession of a sterling opportunity to prove your mettle as a trail-blazer on the vanguard of Humanity’s future in Outer Space.

Simply Stated, In These Massively Changing, Immensely Challenging Times Of Ours, Your Simple Act Of Participation At Astronrill Becomes The Evidence Of Your Enduring Worth To Humanity!


True, there is a certain biologically daunting distance to 2080 AD, the date around which we empirically foresee the regular establishment of Inter-Stellar activity.

Yet, that date of Promise for the fulfilment of our Outer Space goal isn't an event horizon that’ll suddenly and instantaneously open fully-formed circa 2080 AD. It is the point of fruition of the standard human learning curve, so that the curve starts sometime in the near to immediate future, or even very, very soon!

the standard human learning curve at the astronrill outer space project

You fulfil your mission the very moment this happens, which is not some laughably distant speck on the far horizon, but an inevitable eventuality that is programmed to dawn in our civilisational progression very, very soon!

You need to establish your precedence in the
Outer Space Priority Queue now!



Astronrill will achieve the goal of making You the Pioneering Explorer of Outer Space through the process of registration of your priority, facilitation of your access through a progressive process, over time, of instruction, training, motivation, simulation.

Thus, through this general process of enlightenment, ASTRONRILL will synchronise Your destiny with Outer Space through a unique and exclusive methodology.


Firstly, Astronrill empowers You through the simple process of registration of Your precedence on the Outer Space Priority Queue.

Then, through the edutainment process of Astronrill, You will access the insights and illumination into the science behind this venture; and, over time, through the progressive processes on our portal, enlarge upon this sterling chance to grab your destiny in Outer Space.

Whether You want to learn more about the circumstances of your existence; or, jump-start your self-actualisation; or, be an integral part of the advance guard of humanity’s ultimate destiny in interstellar space; the action begins NOW!



For Your $29.99, Astronrill promises you the good read. Experience the post-Modern Enlightenment at first hand!


" . . . full of innovative insights into the cutting-edge state of the art, even more than any contemporary non-fiction book, because Astronrill straddles such a multi-disciplinary horizon with such globally insistent real-world implications."

"ASTRONRILL, is the Book that gives you Humanity’s new vision document for traversing Inter-Stellar Space. Herein you will find the information pertaining to your glorious place in the destiny of Humanity in Outer Space."

"Your very first reading of ASTRONRILL . . . . will mark a significant step in your empowerment for this monumental task, as it inculcates a vision that opens up avenues that once seemed impossible, that now you will easily realise are certain."


Your Permanent Membership of the website facilitates Your exclusive access to the Neurotheological device that provides Your secure insurance in the Neurotheological realm, along with the continual process of keeping You tuned into the prospect of Outer Space.

Then, when the stimulus for realisation of our Outer Space vision develops into fruition, You will Watch Your unique contribution surging exponentially across the very expanse of the universe; thereby fulfilling Your latent potential to the fullest.

But to fulfil this vision requires Your co-operation manifest in Your active presence on the Permanent Membership site.


Now, in the field of Space Exploration, there exist several well entrenched bureaucratic profiles built over successful decades of demonstrated activity, or entrepreneurs venturing into this realm with ample capabilities demonstrated in other fields; all with visible physical infrastructure. Why then do we press our case at Astronrill so strongly over and above all of them combined?

Why do we insist that Astronrill is the guardian of Humanity’s destiny in Outer Space, and not some relentlessly fecund bureaucratic entity?

5 reasons why Your Inter-Stellar Space prospects can flourish ONLY with ASTRONRILL:

[1] Only Astronrill possesses the strategic vision that stands mathematically validated, and seamlessly welded into our civilisational activity in an enduring, harmonious form.

[2] Only Astronrill has the Astrobiological link to Consciousness, with all the attendant spin-offs of the Neurotheological device.

[3] Astronrill is THE ONLY place where, even with a minimal skill set, You are TRULY in the Outer Space Priority Queue. No other entity, whether an established, bureaucratically entrenched player, or a new venture capitalist initiative can promise you that. But, Astronrill can, thanks to our new revolutionary paradigm of which you’ll read more in the ASTRONRILL book.

[4] Astronrill is, again, THE ONLY place that empowers You in Outer Space; where a polling, feedback mechanism exists to influence and modulate policy and initiatives. With its holistic vision founded in the Sanctity of human life, that is not an empty statement, but as you will realise after reading Astronrill, an empirically validated foundational feature; thus essentially ensuring an inherently democratic, and egalitarian functioning even in Outer Space.

[5] Apart from providing insights that benefit your personal and professional life, only Astronrill addresses your core anti-ageing needs, again in an enduring, harmonious form.


Now, the pointers from the mathematical analysis toward out Outer Space destiny at Astronrill are real, the Astrobiological foundations thereof are real, the Neurotheological device at the core of the propulsion is real. While this is definitely realisable some decades away, circa 2080 AD; we foresee that it isn't an on-off matter that becomes instantly operative when we transit some event horizon, say from some day say, 31st December 2079 to the 1st of January 2080 AD; rather, that we will proceed in the standard learning curve that is the hallmark of all human intellectual endeavour.

Thus, when the top end is some decades away, circa 2080 AD; surely the start, at howsoever ambling a pace that be, is certainly either within this decade, or at best one decade away. Of course, in the interim, your access to the Rapture Panels establishes your foundation for Your lifetime, whether that be on Planet Earth, or in Outer Space.

So, when we offer you the elementary, one-time process of signing on at as a Permanent Member, that places you in the Outer Space priority queue; we effectively signal the beginning our mutual progress toward fulfilling our Inter-Stellar Space journey in a manner somewhat akin to a crowdsourcing model. In this process, we are not building castles in the air, but offering concrete prospects regarding our Outer Space missions, whose reality is feasible even within this decade, and most certainly in the next.


What is the essential empirical reality behind this assertion of our destiny in outer space?

The Mathematical analysis of Civilisation as a Social System, presented in Astronrill, shows a continuum from the past, through our present times, into an exciting future of activity in Inter-Stellar space that can well be stated as being mathematically "pre-ordained".

The Neurotheological processes at Astronrill are integrally intertwined within this analysis. In a manner akin to a guided missile that remains effective only when it is racing toward its target whilst manoeuvring within the illuminated tracking beam of its launch vehicle, this Neurotheological device at Astronrill is seamlessly integrated within the tracking beam that is the complexity analysis, which is something that no other entity can ever claim.


The obstacles to interstellar travel are very real, and twofold in nature. Firstly, they relate to the limitations of the human organism, whether in a micro-gravity environment, or in a non-terrestrial environment, or in terms of the inevitability of ageing and death. Then, there are the real obstacles of traversing across space, and they pertain to the finite speed we can at best achieve while in comparative terms, we rapidly wither away through senescence and death.

Ultimately, whether you use humans with extended life-spans, or contrive somehow to use robots with human brain downloads; what will always intrude into the journey's fulfilment is the essential limitation of finite speed enforcing lengthy voyages that are ages longer than the longest possible survival record even of a mythical nature!

Yet, the Complexity theory's analysis of Civilisation does predicate the inevitability of Inter-Stellar travel. So, how do we get around these limitations?

Astronrill presents the solution through a reworking of the quintessential core Human Brain factors that necessarily constrain the Astrobiological Calculations In Space Exploration.

The Astrobiological analysis that you can access in the Astronrill book establishes the only viable modality for Outer Space exploration. There is simply no other way!


Through the Neurotheological manifesto of our studies at Astronrill, the links of Consciousness that beget free will display a process that fundamentally involves responsibility and accountability; wherefore, we feel it must of necessity possess transparency and feedback.

Hence, the Astronrill Permanent Membership site incorporates the polling mechanism as an enduring foundation for Humanity's democratic functioning in Outer Space.

As part of your Lifetime's Permanent Membership, Astronrill gives you voting rights to influence polity in Outer Space through the Astronrill Polling Mechanism.


Then again, Astronrill's procedural harnessing of the Neurotheological apparatus is THE ONLY viable mechanism for humans to corporeally venture into the Interstellar arena. Not just for the holistic completeness of your existence, but also regarding the further evolutionary aspects related to Interstellar exploration.

Sure, the spacefaring companies have their plans for inner space, or for limited extensions thereof, but nothing on the radical lines of Astronrill. Remember, any human wanting to explore deep into Interstellar space will necessarily face these challenges that Astronrill has addressed.

Essentially, outside of your entertainment screens and their 3D apparatii, Astronrill is Your only realistic portal to Interstellar space. As you will realise from the perusal of the feasibilities, there can simply be no other modality.

Here's Your opportunity to stand up and be counted; embrace this scientific vision, translate Astronrill’s Outer Space dream into Your Own Personal Heroic Quest, and fulfil your life by being on the vanguard of Astronrill’s misson to realise Humanity’s Destiny in Outer Space.

Remember, ASTRONRILL is Your, and Humanity’s, only certain Portal to Outer Space.


Come Establish Your Priority In The Queue For Outer Space Exploration Only At Astronrill

Essentially is now our lift-off platform in Inner Space.

Confidently standing thereon staring at the vastness of Outer Space, we are aware of the intricate machinations propelling us into the Outer Space vista circa 2080 AD.

Now it is up to us to harness these processes directly, in order to realise Humanity's inevitable dream of expansion into Outer Space.

Your simple act of online payment is the automatic trigger that registers Your presence on this Inner Space platform, ASTRONRILL.COM, and forms Your comprehensive act of entanglement as a stake-holder in this mammoth Inter-Stellar enterprise.


We know it is going to take place for sure!

When the actual outer space activities do formally commence, then the basic act of registration at will cost at least USD 10,000 at the very minimum, sharply rising thereafter.

Prior to this eventuality, starting with the initial proof of concept working; and independent verification of feasibility, the charges are merely for Your lifetimes access to the Neurotheological device's Interface form, at one USD per character, once every week, for your entire life-time, amounting to a grand total of USD 329.


At present, the status is a call for Your expression of interest in a new venture in its introductory phase. Thus, there is that presentation of a startling insight of possibility to enhance your way of life, with an accompanying plan of action and engagement at the permanent membership portal, and the simultaneous placement in the Outer Space Priority Queue.

Hence, the price point to apply would be the industry standard for an expression of confidence in a new crowd-sourced project’s foundational research and its further prospects, or a new book launch of this nature, with its specialised cutting-edge insights.

$ 97.99

Thus, Your quick action now ensures that You get to establish Your precedence in the Astronrill Outer Space Priority Queue for FREE, instead of the USD 10,000 and above on launch of actual services; AND, Your life-time's access to the Neurotheological Device Interface too, instead of the USD 329 fee, is Yours for FREE!

You Risk Nothing!


There is a 60-day Guarantee in place; so this is absolutely free of any risk for You!

If, for whatever reason, you are not satisfied with being a Permanent Member of Astronrill, and wish to revoke your life-time's validation of Standing on the Science-Spirituality-Jurisprudence synchronisation, and your life-time's Membership at the ASTRONRILL.COM Membership Site with its feedback polling mechanism, its access to the exclusive Interface Form, as well as numerous other privileges; then you can ask for a full refund anytime within the period of sixty days from the date of your purchase, and we will cheerfuly comply with your instructions, no questions asked, always maintaining the full confidentiality of all your information even afterwards.

Given this robust Guarantee that ensures this transaction is entirely risk-free for You, and keeping in mind the future scaling up of price points to as much as USD 10,000 and above, the current infinitesimally small fee is to get empowered as a Permanent Member at is a great bargain indeed!

Most importantly, Your act of signing up at for the Inter-Stellar mission, automatically triggers a goal-directedness in Your mind, that inevitably generates the anti-ageing dynamic within You to revitalise Your life. This is a priceless gift of a seed that will blossom into a mighty tree of vigour in Your life, and multiply its rewards all throughout Your life.

Come Establish Your Priority In The Queue For Outer Space Exploration Only At Astronrill


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In closing, I invite you to notice that when You click to register here at, Your Space Portal, for confirming Your excursion into Inter-Stellar Space, it effectively mirrors Your approaching the Ticket Window at the Central Station!

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In order to enable You to ascertain the veracity of our propositions, we are making ASTRONRILL available in Open Access. While You can read ASTRONRILL after signing up as a member directly in your account area; You can also download and read it before signing up as a Member, by clicking on the 'Free Trial' tab in the Menu at the top of this page.

We are confident that after examining ASTRONRILL, you will recognise the real worth of the Neurotheological mechanism at, whether through Your regularly accessible Interface form, or the other offerings that exist under the banner of Your Anti-Ageing Facilitation, or the Outer Space Priority Queue; and grasp the enormity of the treasure-trove that is available in that form at your beck and call at