Now, Religious doctrine is incomplete and by itself unacceptable, especially in the Jurisprudential realm, let alone in any forum of Science.

Yet, the very existence of these ancient entities over time constitutes a human social system that is scientifically explorable and exploitable; and, using the scientific temper, we are in a better position to exploit them for the benefit of Humanity.

Therefore, though we may have repugnance for things 'spiritual,' and their subjectivity; as Scientists, first and foremost, it is our scientific endeavour to investigate.

Then, the subject of our query might be documentation full of observations or insights, or it might be the very existence of the people who make that documentation; because, though the inferences therein might be polluted by the unscientific taints of those times, we cannot shirk from the essential reality of the conditions stated therein, or evident in their making. Therefore, with a "Nullius in Verba" frame of mind, it is correct and imperative to proceed.


Simply stated, it is the Empirical handling of the matters pertaining to the 'spiritual' realm; a means for scientific assessment of the matters hitherto dismissed as 'arcane' and 'unquantifiable'.

Away from all the establishments of religion with their follies and foibles; yet, aware of the value of the very fact of their mere existence over time, this Neurotheological mechanism at ASTRONRILL uses the Scientific method to distil the essence, therefore effectively functioning in an Atheistic manner.

This is essentially a material endeavour. Remember, our vision is the utilisation of the Neurotheological factors that are available to us, after sanitising them through the scientific method, for the next material breakthrough in our exploration of Outer Space, a Quantum leap for Humanity.


The process that we used at Astronrill, about which you can read more in the Astronrill E-Book available in Open Access, involves connecting our thread of scientific attainment and inventive genius within the empirical thinking frame of mind, with the essential illuminating tracking beam of civilisational progress that proceeds to interstellar realms, through the insights afforded in the prototypical steps that enabled the awareness of this manner of manipulation of natural reality.


As we have revealed, here is the latest development of our research: a verifiable Neurotheological interface available for exploration, for advancing your prospects of survival in the real world.

It enables You to scientifically enhance Your security, in a mathematically appropriate manner.

The realities of life provide you with your real interface that is obvious to your senses and logic. Yet, given the wheels within wheels, something that is not immediately obvious to your senses and logic, yet reveals itself through sustained and rigorous intellectual application over time, is the Neurotheological interface, almost like a kind of virtual interface, except that it has very real and lasting implications and consequences in the real world.

The way in which we achieve this feat that involves empirical verification of at times anachronistic data is through the Atheist's ultimate weapon of choice in tackling material considered 'spiritual' without getting entangled in any establishment of religion: the Neurotheological Interface at ASTRONRILL.

In the light of the certainty of Inter-Stellar excursion that we foresee through the mathematical analysis of Civilisation as a social system; taken in tandem with the only possible Astrobiological modality through which we humans can do so and still retain our essential Humanity; this happens to be the one and only Futurological engine that can galvanise our efforts, and propel us reliably in this thrilling venture par excellence.


The simple act of Your becoming a Permanent Registrant at ASTRONRILL empowers you to traverse the intricacies of the labyrinthine maze that is unravelled by our Neurotheological queries, enabling You to acquire the due standing for regular access to the Neurotheological Interface form.

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Use your imagination to improve your prospects when you access this Interface form. Like the heading says: ‘Use It Wisely, Use it Well’.

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